Accessible Travel In Iceland

We at Iceland Unlimited can provide you with solutions for accessible travel in Iceland. Although Iceland is well known for its rugged landscape, it is nonetheless an accessible destination for disabled travelers.

Accessible Travel In Iceland

The Golden Circle – Iceland Accessible Day Tour

Everyone who comes to Iceland for the first time and has very limited time in this beautiful country asks: ‘’what is the must-see place that I should not miss?’’. Well, the...

Reykjanes Peninsula and Blue Lagoon – Iceland Accessible Day Tour

Reykjanes peninsula is just half an hour from Reykjavik and offers some amazing landscape and natural wonders. It is an area of lava, volcanoes and strong geothermal activity. This...

Explore Iceland – Reykjavik 5 Days Fully Accessible Tour

Iceland has more options and resources for travelers with disabilities than ever before. The following tour is planned to give you the best idea of how adventurous and yet accessib...

Accessible Holidays Iceland – South Coast Self Drive Tour for 7 Days

Iceland is a wonderful place to explore and there are countless natural wonders that are also accessible for visitors with disabilities. This self-drive tour concentrates on the so...

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