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Budget accommodations include shared facilities in guest houses, country hotels, farmhouses, etc. In some cases, the rooms might be equipped with a TV and a washbasin. The in-room amenities are limited but they all adhere to a high standard of cleanliness. Breakfast is included.


Quality accommodations offer private rooms with en-suite shower/bath and toilet. These rooms are the best available accommodations in 4-star hotels or the highest quality lodges in each region. Breakfast is included.


Comfort accommodations offer access to private facilities (shower and toilet). This type of lodges belongs to the 3-star hotel category. Most of these properties have an in-house restaurant. This section offers an upgrade in comfort and service compared to the budget category. Breakfast is included.


Luxury accommodations include Suites and high-end rooms in Quality Accommodations. These types of lodges and resorts provide an upscale look and personalized services.
Classy, elegant, and comfortable, luxury accommodations strive to offer a first-class experience and top-quality services to ensure a truly extraordinary and memorable stay.

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