The Best Day Trips from Reykjavik


The Best Day Trips from Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a great city and there is so much to explore and experience. But it is also the perfect base if you want to explore more of Iceland’s amazing nature. Here we want to introduce the best day trips from Reykjavik.

Do not miss the famous “Golden Circle”

The famous “Golden Circle” is from our point of view definitely a must do during your stay in Reykjavik. Even if it might be a bit touristic, the three main sights Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall are simply amazing. However, instead of doing a standard Golden Circle tour in a huge bus, we highly recommend joining one of the minibus tours with some exciting activities or sights included. These tours have fewer passengers and more of a personal/private feel to them. 

Why not combine the main highlights of the Golden circle with a visit to the oldest swimming pool in Iceland? The so-called “Secret Lagoon” was made in 1891. The locals call it “secret” because it was known only to them for a very long time. Just recently it has been renovated and reopened. It has been kept natural and unique so you can get the true Icelandic feeling. Book a Golden Circle Tour with Secret Lagoon visit.

Another interesting option could be the combination of the Golden Circle with some amazing local food. This is the perfect mixture of sightseeing and food tasting. Beside the natural highlights, you will also visit a local farm, taste local beer and more. Learn more about our Golden Circle food tour.

The most individual option, is a Golden Tour with a private guide. Traveling with a private guide is always more flexible and personal, and your guide will do its very best to meet your travel needs and expectations.

secret lagoon icelandgolden circle and food tour

The South coast of Iceland – definitely one of the best day trips from Reykjavik

If you are interested in joining more than one day tour, we think visiting the amazing South coast of Iceland is a must-do. Here, you will find impressive waterfalls, volcanic black sand beaches and a huge glacier. Please have a look at our South coast day tour to get a better idea about the natural highlights of this region in Iceland.

Interested to add some more adventure to your day in the South? Then we recommend our South coast tour with glacier walk. Both tours take place in a minibus which gives you easier access to the guide and a relaxed atmosphere amongst a limited number of guests. It would also be possible for us to organize this trip as a private tour for you.

glacier walk in Icelandsouth iceland tour

Snaefellsnes – Iceland in Miniature

Another amazing area of Iceland is the Snaefellsnes peninsula in West Iceland. It is often nicknamed ‘Iceland in Miniature’ due to its wealth and diversity of natural features. Here you can find dramatic coast lines, picturesque mountains, huge lava fields and a small glacier at the western tip. You can join a classic Snaefellsnes day tour in a small group, or, if you are interested in adding an extra feature, we highly recommend our Snaefellsnes tour with local dinner. You can also book a private Snaefellsnes day tour with us if you are looking for a more individual way to travel.

snaefellsnes touriceland whale watching holiday

Explore the surrounding of Reykjavik by boat

The most popular boat tour from Reykjavik is definitely our whale watching tour starting from the old harbor. There, you have the chance to see whales, dolphins, porpoises and seabirds in their natural habitat. Tours are offered all year but the best chances to spot the whales are between March and September. Read more about whale watching from Reykjavik.

In the summer season, it is also possible to join a Reykjavik sightseeing tour by boat. Enjoy Reykjavik’s skyline and the beautiful Harpa music and conference hall from the water. During this tour you will also visit a small island where puffins nest during summer.

Another interesting activity out on sea, is a sea angling tour. All the fish which is caught by participating guests, is then barbecued and enjoyed on board by the end of the tour.

These tours are shorter and could therefore be ideal for your arrival- or departure day.

whale watching in reykjavisea angling in reykjavik

Northern Lights Tours

If you are visiting Reykjavik between September and April, a guided Northern Lights tour should definitely be on your itinerary. We highly recommend planning your Northern Lights tour at the beginning of your stay. Reason being that weather and bad aurora forecast might stand in your way, and therefore you would have further chances to reschedule your tour to one of the following evenings.

Lucky people might even get to see the Northern lights in the middle of the city. But in order to increase your chances, we would always recommend leaving the city and its light pollution. The advantage of travelling with a guide is his/her expertise. A person that is guiding these tours on a regular base, definitely has all the necessary knowledge about interpreting the weather forecast and reading the KP index etc.

We offer a variety of different Northern Lights tours. You could either join a Northern Lights minibus tour, or a Northern Lights tour by super jeep. Another option would be a Northern Lights boat tour. In case you do not see the magic lights on a guided tour, you will, in most cases be offered to join another tour for free.

Christmas Vacation IcelandNorthern Lights in Iceland

Looking for something unique? Why not join an ice cave tour from Reykjavik.

A guided tour into a natural ice cave is definitely something special and memorable. And so we feel it should not be missed in our list of best day tours from Reykjavik. In this ice cave day tour from Reykjavik you will visit an impressive natural cave close to Vik. The tour is available all year round. During winter, you can also join this snowmobiling tour with ice cave visit on Langjökull glacier.

ice cave tour from reykjavikiceland ice caves in summer

What else?

There are definitely many other options that should be added to our list of the best day trips from Reykjavik. If you are staying more than 5 days in Reykjavik or perhaps visiting for the second time, you should also check out the following day trips on our website:

Reykjavik walking tour with museum and food tasting (all year)
Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon in summer or winter
Lava cave tour (all year)
Landmannalaugar super jeep tour (summer)

Reykjavik walking tour with food

Please contact us in case you need help selecting your very own best day trips from Reykjavik. We are specialized in customized tour packages ( summer and  winter) and can also prepare a complete package for you with accommodation, airport transfers and guided day tours included.


Christina Degener
Posted in October 2018