Best Reykjavik Restaurant and Brewery


Best Reykjavik Restaurant and Brewery

Best Reykjavik restaurantIn late August, Bryggjan Brugghús invited Team Iceland Unlimited for lunch. This is a newly established bistro and brewery. It is located down by the harbor – a trending area in central Reykjavik.

The owner Elvar welcomed us. First he gave us a small tour of the place, which is divided into a couple of neat areas. There you will find a nice lounge, a spacious bar, a large dining area and a special area by the brewery itself. This area can be closed off for private events.

Best Reykjavik restaurantThe micro brewery brews and serves a variety of beers on tap. As soon as we sat down we got a couple of their sampling trays. It included their very own lager and two types of IPA’s. Their sommelier, Arturo, told us a little bit about the beers and their selection of other drinks.

Let the feast begin!

Then, the feast began. For starters we received several baskets of arctic shrimp, both fresh and smoked, as well as dishes of salmon tartare. The staff knew that we have two vegetarians in our team and they got vegan club sandwiches to start with.

At the time, we had no clue what awaited us next. But, I can assure you, we didn’t expect the near countless plates of the absolute gourmet cuisine that Bryggjan presented us. First off, was the fish of the day, which was just delicious. Then, a beautifully medium grilled beef rib-eye steak. Next up were mouth-watering blue mussels in beer – such delicacy.

Best Reykjavik restaurantNow, with all of us thinking how perfect of a meal this had been, our waiter approached and informed us that there was still, one more main course to go… And dessert!

A classic Icelandic rack of lamb, perfectly cooked, served with small potatoes and vegetables was the final touch and certainly hit the spot. This left us with hardly any space for the savory treats around the corner. Our vegetarians received gourmet vegan dishes, e.g. the oven-roasted cauliflower with mustard, the baked carrots with portobello mushrooms and more.

Here in Iceland, we have an old phrase for when something is not expected, usually a positive surprise. It translates to: „The raisin at the end of the hot dog“. It sounds kind of silly, but this is something one’s grandma would have shouted out when witnessing the smorgasbord of a dessert that was laid out on our table.

Best Reykjavik restaurantVanilla ice cream with salted almonds and caramel popcorn, licorice chocolate mousse with sugared oats, berries and salt – and Pavlova with white chocolate, cream and berries.

Best Reykjavik restaurant? Very likely!

To summarize we would like to use this opportunity to thank the very professional staff at Bryggjan Brugghús for this scrumptious meal, to say the least. We all loved it! And to all of our guests staying in Reykjavík – If you would like to sit down for a great meal, at a reasonable price and in a cool and relaxed atmosphere – Bryggjan should be on your „to do list“. The restaurant is located close to the Northern Lights Center and the Whales of Iceland Exhibition so lunch or dinner at Bryggjan can be ideally combined with a museum visit.

Andri Þór Ástráðsson
Posted in October 2016