South Coast Experience - Dog Sledding


South Coast Experience – Dog Sledding

Team Iceland Unlimited went on a dog sledding tour in the South of Iceland. Here we want to write about our experiences. The tour is operated in different locations depending on where are the best conditions for the 4-legged crew in order to get the best performance of the dogs. The travel time from Reykjavík varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Therefore, we recommend to book your accommodation in Reykjavík the night before your tour.

If there is not enough snow, the dog sledding Iceland tour takes place on dry land with a trolley instead of a a sled, which was also the case when we joined this tour in November.

Dogsledding Iceland – A Must Do for Dog Lovers!

Dog lovers would particularly enjoy the break that the tours take for the guests to get some information about the huskies and have some petting time with the adorable dogs. We know we did!

After the short break we were again on the trolley for the final part of our tour. Our guide shared some interesting facts about the dogs and the dog sledding tours with us and by the way he was talking about (and to!) the dogs you could tell that he had a great love for them. As did the rest of the group who were as enthusiastic during the petting time as we were!

There is only one tour operator that offers dog sledding in the South of Iceland. You can meet them on location but it is also possible to book a tour with pick up from Reykjavik. If you want to read more about both tour options please click here:

Dog sledding with pick up from Reykjavik

Dog sledding with meet on location