Visit of the Husavik Whale Museum


Visit of the Husavik Whale Museum

Some weeks ago I spent a weekend in the North of Iceland where I also visited Husavík. After a fantastic whale watching tour in the morning where I saw blue whales (yes, BLUE WHALES!) I decided to visit the Husavik whale museum. In fact, this was a wonderful surprise and the museum was super interesting.

There I learned interesting facts about the whales around Iceland. 23 different whale species live in the Icelandic waters and in the Husavik Whale Museum you can learn all important facts about the different species. Additional, a film informed about sperm whales and showed their unique hunting techniques. Last but not least also whaling was a topic in the museum.

My personal highlight in the Husavik Whale Museum

But most interesting for me where the skeletons of different whale species. In particular it was amazing to see how big whales actually are and that a baby minke whale for example is already much bigger than a human. For this reasons, this museum is definitely a must see during your stay in Iceland.

Christina Degener, posted in June 2014