Things to know about Videy island


Things to know about Videy island

Videy Island is a gem that you can find just right by Reykjavik. It is full of culture, unspoiled nature and spectacular bird-life. So if you want to have a short getaway from the city – Videy island is your place to go.

What to see on Videy island?


Videy Island is a historic place with ancient ruins and one of the oldest churches in the Country. Archaeological investigations on the island have revealed evidence of settlement as early as the 10th century. The Videy House is the first build­ing constructed of stone in Iceland. It is one of the country´s oldest build­ing and has a very special atmosph­ere.

What I like most is the fact that you are in the middle of nature while still seeing the skyline of Reykjavik in the distance. The island covers only 1,7 square kilometres and is easy to explore within a few hours. I highly recommend exploring the island on foot, for an easy and tranquil walk. Well marked paths guide you over the whole island. Videy Island is well-vegetated with at least 156 species of plant. It is also famous for its rich birdlife and about 30 species breed on the island.

videy island videy island in summer


Internationally, Videy island is best known as the location for the Imagine Peace Tower. It is an outdoor work of art conceived by Yoko Ono in memory of John Lennon. This monument symbolizes peace and joy. On the column of the tower “IMAGINE PEACE” is written in 24 different languages. The Imagine Peace Tower is lit each year on the day of John Lennon´s birthday (October 9th) until the day he was killed (December 8th). It is also lit on some other days during the year such as Yoko´s birthday (February 8th) or on New Year´s Eve. Yoko Ono visits Iceland every year to light the tower, which emits a beautiful blue light far into the sky and is visible from Reykjavik.

Imagine Peace Tower Videy Island Imagine Peace Tower on Videy Island

Maps are the best things on the planet when it comes to travelling. That is why I suggest you grab one from the ferry. The map is free and very useful! It has 18 highlights marked and gives good explanations and descriptions for all of them. You will even find the information about how long it takes to walk from one spot to another. You can also download it here as a pdf file.

How to get to Videy Island in summer?

Videy islandTo get to Videy island you have to take a ferry. In the summer season (mid-May to the end of September), the ferry goes daily from the old harbor in Reykjavik.

The ferry is operated by the company Elding. You find their ticket box office by the old harbor where several whale watching companies are located (map).

It takes only 20 minutes to reach the island so it is also a great option for families with young children. Enjoy the skyline of Reykjavik on one side and the impressive mount Esja mountain on the other. The ferry is quite small so we recommend booking the ferry tickets in advance.

Summer schedule for the ferry to Videy island

From the old harbor to Videy island: 11:50 and 14:50

From Videy island to the old harbor: 14:30 and 17:30 (no separate ticket is needed). 

Book your ferry ticket from the old harbor to Videy island here:



How to get to Videy island in winter?

Reaching Videy island in winter is a little bit more difficult. The ferry goes only on weekends, three times per day and only from Skarfabakki harbor. This harbor is a bit further away from the city centre. You can go by bus from Hlemmur bus station with bus number 16. You can book the ferry here.

Videy island Videy island

Videy island


Videy island for wheelchair users

Accessibility to and from Videy island is unfortunately very limited. Therefore we rate this ferry trip as difficult to very difficult for wheelchair users and travellers with limited mobility. The transport service employees will do their best to assist passengers on and off the ferry but an assistant would be needed.

Toilet facilities with wheelchair access are available north-east of Videy House. Wheelchair access to Videy House is located on the north side of the building. A path providing wheelchair access to the Imagine Peace Tower is available but unfortunately, other paths on the island are very narrow.



Christina Degener
Posted in April 2018