Vegetarian Restaurants in Reykjavik


Vegetarian Restaurants in Reykjavik

It is a fact that Iceland is not famous for the traditional vegetarian food. However, there is a growing tendency to have either vegetarian restaurants or restaurants with vegan options. Here is a list with vegetarian restaurants in Reykjavik.

Gló – Probably one of the most Famous Vegetarian Restaurants in Reykjavik

In the heart of the city (Laugavegur 20) as well as the nearby town of Kopavogur, you will find Gló. It offers vegan, raw and gluten free dishes with vegan salads every day. Apart from offering such choices, Gló is also environmentally concerned with using environmentally friendly products. In the selection of dishes, you will find vegetarian and vegan options.

vegetarian food reykjavik

Súpubarinn – Vegetarian Soups in Reykjavik for Lunch

A few minutes walking from the city center, you will find Súpubarinn (on Borgartún 26). This is an all vegetarian restaurant open from 11:00- 15:00 (not a dinner option). At Súpubarinn you will find soups and salads from fresh ingredients. This soup place is located right next to our office, so it’s a perfect stop after meeting with us! They do not have a website but you can find this soup bar on facebook.

vegetarian food in reykjavik vegetarian food reykjavik

Café Gardurinn – Vegetarian Food in Reykjavik

reykjavik vegetarian restaurantsCafe Gardurinn (or the ecstasy’s heart garden) is located in the center on Klappastigur 37. This is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with different daily dishes, desserts and drinks. You can see the menu of the day on their website to check what they are offering!


Kryddlegin Hjortu – Restaurant with a cosy Atmosphere

On Hverfisgata 33, you will find Kryddlegin Hjortu. This restaurant is not purely vegetarian, but there are many vegetarian and vegan options. Ask the staff about the vegan dressings as well. For a fixed price, you have unlimited soup and salad bar access!

vegetarian food reykjavik vegetarian food in reykjavik

Bryggjan Brugghus – Restaurant with its own Brewery

Nearby the port of Reykjavik, a lot of restaurants offer lunch with a sea view. One of them is called Bryggjan Brugghus and offers vegetarian and vegan options in the menu. Those options include a couple of sandwich entrees and appetizers. You can visit it on Grandagarður 8. You can read more about this restaurant on our blog.


When travelling with Meat Lovers…

In most restaurants in Reykjavik, you will find a vegetarian option on the menu. That helps if your fellow travelers would like to try some meat dish. You do not have to limit yourself to just specific restaurants!

Shop Vegetarian Food in Reykjavik

If you want to prepare your own meals, there are appropriate products in every store. Although there are no vegetarian super markets available, you will find a selection of vegetarian and vegan products everywhere. The most popular among the supermarkets is Bónus, mostly for the prices and the many stores around the country. Additionally, you have Hagkaup, Krónan, Nettó and Viðir. Viðir offers fresh fruit and vegetables. You will find there a long list of healthy options, more than the rest of the stores.

To get an idea of the options when it comes to buying the products, the Icelandic Vegan & Vegetarian Society has published this list of all available products! 

When Travelling in Iceland – Vegetarian Food around the Country

Although outside of Reykjavik the selection is more limited, many places offer vegetarian options. Even if not, many of them will happily to prepare something off the menu for you! Please do not be shy and ask for a vegetarian or vegan option.

Sotiria Prodromiti
Posted in March 2017