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The Silfra fissure is the most impressive snorkeling site in Iceland, and perhaps the world. Silfra is located in Þingvellir, a UNESCO world heritage site. Silfra river is a crack between the two tectonic plates, the Eurasian and the north American plates. Snorkeling in between these plates and experience crystal clear water.


DS-01 – Tour Description Silfra Snorkeling Tour

Silfra is a unique site of wonder where you can snorkel in crystal clear water with up to 100 meters of visibility. Your tour through Silfra starts in the „Big Crack“, followed by „Silfra Hall“ where you will see wonderful rock formations with magnificent colors. Then you continue towards „Silfra Cathedral“, the most grand part of the fissure, and end up in „The Lagoon“ where you can examine the algae that grows in the lagoon in the clearest water you will ever find and you can reflect on the beauty that you just witnessed. You can either meet up with the snorkeling guides at the site in Þingvellir or book a pick up from your accommodation in Reykjavík.

Please note that participants do not require any experience and this tour is perfect for beginners. You float on top of the water and it is very easy to maneuver in the water in the dry suits. There is a steady slow current that carries you downstream and your guide will show you were to go. The water is very cold but you will be very well protected from it in a dry suit that covers your whole body. On your hands and head you wear a wet-suit material that quickly heats up from your own body heat. People that wear glasses have to wear contact lenses, using eyeglasses is not possible. Please carefully read the requirements for this snorkeling tour.

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More Details about Silfra Snorkeling:

Season: All year
Departure Days:
Duration of the Tour: Approximately 2.5 hours (when booking with pick up in Reykjavik approx. 5 hours) You will be in the water for around 30-40 minutes and the remaining time is needed for getting in and out of the gear

Included: Fully guided snorkeling tour, all necessary snorkeling equipment, hot chocolate and cookies after the tour, entrance fee into Silfra

Requirements of the tour:

This Silfra snorkeling tour is an adventurous experience and participants must:

  • have read and signed the Snorkeling Silfra Medical Statement (view here)
  • sign the liability release form at the start of the tour (view here)
  • be at least 150cm / maximum 200 cm tall and be at minimum 45kg / maximum 120kg
  • be at least 14 years of age
  • feel comfortable in water and be able to swim
  • be physically fit
  • be ready to wear a sometimes tight & constricting dry suit
  • not be pregnant

All participants age 60 or older and all participants under a doctor’s care for any ongoing medical condition must doctor’s clearance for this tour. The medical form to bring to your doctor can be viewed and downloaded here.

Please bring long underwear, thick socks and a small towel. It is not possible to wear glasses – please bring contact lenses if needed

Important Information about the start of the tour: You can either meet your guide directly in Þingvellir Park on location or you can also book this tour with a transfer from Reykjavik included. Please select the relevant booking form below. Pick up from Reykjavik either from pick up from your accommodation or one of the official bus stops

Please contact us if you have any question regarding this tour. Please include the tour code (DS-01). This Silfra snorkeling tour is operated by one of our reliable partners.

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