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Dog sledding is a unique, memorable, and popular Arctic activity that we warmly recommend when traveling to Iceland. It is a fun and adventurous way to witness the spectacular Icelandic landscape from the back of a dog sled. This dog sledding tour is available all year and designed for travellers that stay for a few days in Reykjavik. Dependend on the location of the base camp, the transfer from Reykjavik takes only 30 to 60 minutes.


DO-03: Dog Sledding Reykjavik – All Year Adventure with pick-up from Reykjavik

dog sledding from reykjavikIt is a fantastic feeling to ride behind a team of dogs and experience an ancient and thrilling mode of traveling. The majority of the pack are Greenland dogs, but you will also be able to give a scratch to a few Siberian and Alaskan huskies.

The tour operator will pick you up close to your accommodation in Reykjavik and the transfer to the base camp takes only 30 to 60 minutes. You will get an introduction to the sledding and there will be some time to socialize and take pictures with the dogs. They are very excited to meet you!

dog sledding reykjavik iceland

All tours are led by a guide who steers the sled. Tours are available all year and dependent on the season, the tour takes either place on snow or dry land.

Dog Sledding Reykjavik – On Snow

Between December and the beginning of April, chances are good for having enough snow in the area. Once you and the dogs are ready, the real adventure will start. You will slide for approximately 45 minutes through the snowy landscape of South Iceland. Halfway through your journey you will make a short stop so that you can enjoy the nature, take some great photos and give the dogs a good belly rub.

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Dog Sledding Reykjavik – On Dry Land

If you embark on this adventure in summer, or if there is no snow, that will be no hindrance. The dogs enjoy a good run all year and your musher will use wheeled equipment. The ride takes approximately 45 minutes and there will be opportunities to take pictures on the tour of the magnificent landscape and of course the dogs!

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Important Information

Husky sledding is  NOT suitable during pregnancy.

This is an outdoor activity and weather can not be controlled. Therefore, we recommend children to be at least 6 years old to join this dog sledding tour from Reykjavik.

Weight limit is 95kg (210lbs) per person and a maximum of 30 BMI. Please calculate your BMI here.

The Icelandic weather is unpredictable and snow cannot be guaranteed. In the case of no snow, the tour will operate on dry land, using a cart with wheels.

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Season: All year
Departure: On selected days
Duration of the tour: Approx. 4 hours
Included: Transfer from Reykjavik to the dog sledding farm, guided dog ride (45 minutes), photoshooting & time to cuddle and pet
Requirements of the tour: Warm clothing and good shoes, weight limit is 95kg (210lbs) per person and a maximum of 30 BMI, minimum age 6 years
Start of the tour: From Reykjavik, pick up from your accommodation or one of the official bus stops

Please contact us if you have any question regarding this dogsledding Reykjavik tour. Please include the tour code (DO-03). This husky sledding tour is operated by one of our reliable partners.


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