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Iceland without its horses its unimaginable. They are calm, friendly and delightful to ride. Riding an Icelandic horse is something you have to experience at least once in a lifetime. Join this 2 hours horseback riding Iceland tour and spend a wonderful time in the country side.



Tour Description horseback riding Iceland:

This 2 hours horseback riding tour is set in a beautiful surrounding of Grenivik, the eastern shores of Eyafjordur Bay, where the Kaldbakur mountain rises over the town, lending a distinct feature of the area. Grenivík is 40 minutes drive away from Akureyri (41 km). The stable is family owned which will let you feel Icelandic real hospitality. One of the greatest characteristics of the Icelandic horse is that it has five different gaits. In addition to normal walk, trot and canter/gallop there is also tölt and skeið (flying pace).

The easy going, friendly disposition of Icelandic horses make them ideal family horses. At the same time, the diversity within the breed is enormous. You can both find the safest children’s horses, and the hottest pace race horses within this breed. Individuals, families and groups are welcome. No riding experience is required and the best horse will be selected for you based on your riding skills. During the tour you can enjoy wonderful views over the fjord and the mountains and after the tour everybody is welcome to enjoy cookies and coffee or tea.

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Book your horseback riding tour in the North of Iceland:

Season: All year
Departure Days:
Duration of the Tour: Approximately 2 hours
Included: Guided horse back riding tour, helmets, rain gear if needed, cookies and coffee after the tour
Requirements of the tour: We recommend to bring warm, accurate to the weather clothing
Start of the tour: Grenivík (41 kilometers away from Akureyri)

Please contact us if you have any question regarding this tour. Please include the tour code (HB-01). This horseback riding tour is operated by one of our reliable partners.


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