Volcano and Lava Cave Tours


Just two hours from Reykjavík you will find Víðgelmir, the mightiest of all lava tubes in Iceland, with its stunning colors and lava formations that originate deep in the earth. The lava cave is located near Hótel Húsafell in Borgarfjörður and is well marked on nearby roads – and therefore very easy to find, should you be visiting the cave in one of our self-drive tours.

VT-05 – Lava Tube Iceland – Guided Tour through Viðgelmir Lava Cave

iceland lava cave tourTo begin with, you will meet up with your guide in a small building close to the cave, where you will receive your helmet and listen to some safety instructions. The tour operator advises all guests to come prepared by bringing warm clothes along, as the temperature inside the cave is low, no matter the season. A safety helmet and headlight is provided by the staff.

Then, along with your group, you will be walking down to the cave‘s mouth and onto the state of the art walkway which will take you down into the abyss, with the help of your headlights and carefully placed feature lighting system. Your guide will make various stops along your way to the bottom of the cave, telling interesting stories from the past, adding info to your bank of Icelandic knowledge.

Lava Tube Iceland – Experience Complete Darkness

lava cave icelandAll in all, this is a spectacular tour, suitable for everyone, young and older travellers, couples and families. The youngest ones are not advised to join the very end of the tour though. As mentioned, with the very professional walkway throughout the cave/tour, the risk of injuring yourself in some way is close to none. Yet you will feel the excitement of being far below the earth‘s surface, surrounded by the remarkable beauty from the insides of this 1100-year-old lava tube. The tour is approx 1.5 hours long with departures every hour on the hour during summer and 4-5 departures a day during spring, fall and winter.


lava cave tour iceland

Book your Lava Tube Tour close to Húsafell in West Iceland:

Season: All year
Departure Days:
Duration of the Tour: Approx. 1.5 hours
Included: Guided lava tube tour, helmet and headlight is provided
Requirements for the tour: We recommend bringing warm clothing, hiking boots, head-wear and gloves
Start of the tour: The meeting point is in Borgarfjörður West Iceland, near Hotel Húsafell. The road is accessible by 2wd drive cars and well marked on nearby roads. Look for “Fljótstunga, The Cave or Víðgelmir”, you get very detailed driving instructions after booking the lava tube tour with us

Please contact us if you have any question regarding this tour. Please include the tour code (VT-05). This guided lava tube tour is operated by one of our reliable partners.