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This super jeep day tour to Landmannalaugar is the perfect “next level” experience in Iceland. In this tour, only available in summer and early autumn, you’ll have the opportunity to visit waterfalls and sights that most travelers miss out on. Witness the spectacular natural colors of the Landmannalaugar mountains, hike around the area, bath in a big natural thermal pool and experience some real super-jeep action!


SJ-05 Day Tour to Landmannalaugar Iceland:

landmannalaugar-superjeep-tour-hjalparfossYour tour guide will pick you up at your accommodation in Reykjavik. You will be joining a group of maximum 12 persons and together you will go on an unforgettable day tour to Landmannalaugar in a massive super jeep. On the way through the farmlands in the Golden Circle area you will make a quick stop to grab some lunch, in case you did not bring anything with you. When entering the highlands, you will notice extraordinary scenery all around you, e.g. Hekla, one of Iceland’s most active volcanos. Some still call it the “Gateway to Hell”, a nickname from the middle ages.

The first official stop of the tour is at Hjálparfoss waterfall (photo). Hjálparfoss translates to „the Helping Waterfall“. The name has its origin in the Viking era, for this was their last stop before entering the highlands. Their horses would therefore graze and rest up for the challenging roads ahead.

The Highlands of Iceland

Before entering the gravel roads and rougher grounds, your guide will release some air from the tires for smoother driving. When in the highlands, the first stop you will make is by Ljótipollur, or “The Ugly Puddle”. This eruption crater is actually far from being ugly, with its blue water and red ash all around. You will also make a stop at Frostastaðavatn (“The Frosty Lake”) close-by and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Before reaching your destination, the super jeep will drive through a couple of rivers, which can be quite adventurous!

Landmannalaugar is such a unique and spectacular area that the question is if you will believe your own eyes upon arrival! The colorful mountains all around appear in unusual colors and seem out of this world. Your guide will lead the way on a short hike in the area. You will get up close to some of the beautiful mountains and visit an old lava field for spectacular photo opportunities.

Relax in a Natural Thermal Pool

landmannalaugar-day-tourAfter the hike, you are welcome to relax in a natural thermal pool close to the Landmannalaugar huts. The name “Landamannalaugar” derives from this and other thermal pools in the area, as it loosely translates to “The People’s Pools” or “Pools of the People”. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit and towel!

Driving back to Reykjavik, your guide will take a different route called Dómadalur valley, where the super jeep can reveal its true powers. You will cross more rivers and see different views of the highlands. When in Reykjavík, you will be driven back to your accommodation.

landmannalaugar-iceland landmannalaugar-tour day-tour-to-landmannalaugar superjeep iceland

Book your day tour to Landmannalaugar:

Season: Mid June to October
Departure Days: Daily
Duration of the Tour: Approx. 12 hours
Included: Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik, guided tour on a Super Jeep, experienced English speaking guide
Requirements for the tour: Warm clothes, sturdy shoes (can be rented for an extra fee), swimsuit and a towel, snacks or a packed lunch
Start of the tour: From Reykjavik, pick up from your accommodation or one of the official bus stops

Please contact us if you have any question regarding this tour. Please include the tour code (SJ-05). This guided day tour to Landmannalaugar is operated by one of our reliable partners.

If you are interested in a privately guided tour we recommend to have a look at our private Landmannalaugar tour.