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 Whale Watching Akureyri

Join this 3-hour Whale Watching Tour in Akureyri and see whales and dolphins in the beautiful fjord Eyjafjörður. An excellent rate of sightings and a comfortable boat with different platforms makes this the perfect day trip for the whole family.

North of Iceland is a great place for whale watching and this 3 hours long whale watching tour starts from the small harbor in the center of Akureyri. You have the chance to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. The most famous guest in this fjord is the humpback whale which is one of the most active and acrobatic of all whales. Lucky passengers can enjoy its special surfacing behaviors such as breaching, tail-slapping and lob tailing.

The fjord Eyjafjörður is very beautiful and during the tour, you can also enjoy the mountain scenery, green valleys and the unique coastal landscape. You will go on a modern, comfortable and fast boat with different whale watching platforms.

Chances to see whales on this tour are high with a 99.6% sighting success since 2013.

This whale watching tour in Akureyri is operated by one of our reliable partners. Please keep in mind that this is a wildlife excursion and as such there are no guarantees. In case no whales or dolphins are seen on the tour, complimentary return tickets will be issued to participants.

Meeting point: From the harbor in Akureyri – at the center of the town down from the main church

Tour Code

Tour Code




All Year



3 Hours



North Iceland




Age Limit

Age Limit

No Age Limit


  • Safety Vests
  • Raincoats or warm overalls
  • Free WiFi on board

Not included:

  • Transfer to and from accommodation
  • Refreshments – You are able to purchase in the café

What to bring?

  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Camera

Meeting Point:

From the harbor in Akureyri – at the center of the town down from the main church


No requirements needed

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