Whale Watching


This Husavik whale watching tour takes place in a RIB boat. Seeing the whales in their natural habitat this up close is a breathtaking experience. So if you are up for an adventure on sea the RIB tour is the way to go. The speed, the nature and of course the whales and puffins come together to make this an unforgettable experience.


WW-06 – Husavik whale watching tour – express tour by RIB boat

husavik whale watching by speed boatJoin this Husavik whale watching tour by RIB boat and have the chance to see different whale species in a short amount of time. Skjálfandi bay is a wonderful place to experience whale watching in all its glory.  The most common whales in this bay are humpback whales, white beaked dolphins and minke whales. If you are lucky, you might even get the chance to see blue and fin whales.

On this tour the focus is mostly on the big whales. The RIB boat allows you to get closer to the whales and wildlife than other boats can offer. Furthermore it is possible to cover a larger area and you are able to go further out of the bay where the bigger whales often are found. The RIB boat travels very fast, making the trip more whale watching husavik by speed boatexciting and adventurous. Being up close and personal to these magnificent creatures is quite incredible. Sometimes, lucky passengers are almost able to touch the whales, when they decide to surface next to the boat.

You also stop at a puffin island, where thousands of puffins stay during the nesting period from around mid April until mid/end of August.  The trip takes approximately 2.5 hours and to join this tour you have to be 8 years of age or older.


iceland whale watching puffin watching iceland whale watching iceland whale watching in husavik

Book your Husavik whale watching tour with stop at a puffin island:

Season: April to October (the puffin season is from April, 15 to August, 20)
Departure Days:
Duration of the Tour: Approximately 2.5 hours
Included: Whale watching boat trip on a RIB boat, professional guiding, warm safety overalls
Requirements of the tour: We recommend to bring warm clothes, hat and cloves, minimum age 8 years, not suitable for pregnant women and those with a history of back injuries
Start of the tour: From the harbor in central Husavik

Please contact us if you have any question regarding this tour. Please include the tour code (WW-06). This Husavik whale watching tour is operated by one of our reliable partners.


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