Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We at Iceland Unlimited are aware of the fact that businesses have substantial carbon footprints and environmental impacts. Our business is no exception, but we operate with awareness and focus on reducing the inevitable and possible negative effects we have on the environment. We take great care in trying to minimize these effects by promoting and implementing sensible shopping for office supplies, treating natural resources with respect and in a sustainable way, recycle office waste as much as possible and dispose of other waste in a responsible way.
Iceland Unlimited pledges the following:
  • To train our staff and make our customers aware of our environmental policy and provide useful information on how they can contribute and participate in the protection of the environment during their tours with us.
  • Provide our partners with useful information regarding our environmental policy and how they can contribute to protecting the environment
  • Continue to develop and improve our environmental policy and seek guidance and assistance on how to reach our goals
  • Provide our guests with information about how our environmental policies and contributions benefit our area of operations
  • To work with local/native partners as much as possible
  • Take the following into consideration regarding the operations of the company:
    • Avoid/minimize the pollution of land, water, and air.
    • Avoid the destruction of natural exhaustible resources
    • Avoid the destruction of habitats
Iceland Unlimited operates under license from the Iceland Tourist Board.

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