Team Iceland Unlimited

CEO & Owner

jon-gunnar-benjaminssonJón Gunnar Benjamínsson is the founder and CEO of Iceland Unlimited. Working in Iceland tourism since 2005, Jón is an expert in his field and is dedicated in his passion for helping travelers getting the most out our their vacation in Iceland and beyond. Born in Akureyri in the north of Iceland where he lived until 2001 when he moved to Denmark to pursue a degree in the culinary arts. Soon there after, he decided to embark on a different career. After moving back to Iceland in 2003 he earned a degree in tourism and hospitality management. After getting his diploma he worked for a local Iceland tour operator as a guide and travel consultant. He soon found out that starting his own firm was the way to go. Jón is a paraplegic after a serious car accident in 2007 but after rehabilitation, he decided to pursue his dream of starting his own company, which he called Iceland Unlimited. Jón is an avid fisherman, hunter and enjoys quad-biking and the outdoors of Iceland. He’s very proud of Team Iceland Unlimited. You can email Jón directly at jongunnar[@]

Office Team | Travel Assistance

Christina DegenerChristina Degener is the Managing Director. She is from Germany and has a Master degree in International Business. She first came to Iceland for an internship in 2007 and worked for several years in the field of international marketing. Before she joined Iceland Unlimited, she was working as a whale watching guide for a Reykjavik based company so she can tell you everything about whales around Iceland. Christina’s hobbies include camping and spending time in the country side of Iceland. Her favorite region in Iceland is Snæfellsnes. You can email Christina directly at christina[@]

LindaLinda Björk Hölludóttir is the Office Team Leader. Linda was born and raised in the West of Iceland in a small town called Akranes. She moved to Reykjavík at the age of 18 and has been living there since. Linda loves the Icelandic nature and has been to almost every corner of the island and explored the vast highlands by foot and in a super jeep. Besides preparing exciting tours for our customers Linda spends her free time hiking, fly fishing, going to concerts (especially the ones with the rock band where her boyfriend plays the guitar) and raising five children. Linda has a bachelor degree in tourism studies from the University of Iceland and as an addition to her busy life she is working on finishing her masters degree in environment and natural resources. You can email Linda directly at linda[@] 

Andri (415x277)Andri Þór Ástráðsson was born in Reykjavík, but raised here and there. As his parents moved a lot, due to their education and studies in various countries, Andri lived in places such as the United States, England, France, Denmark and several different neighborhoods in Reykjavík before the age of 16. He has a very mixed background and has e.g. both studied masonry and art/design. In June 2015, Andri got his bachelor degree in tourism studies from the University of Iceland. Other than the passion of travelling, Andri loves music, collects records and still goes to the occasional music festival. Other interests and hobbies are disc golfing, extreme sports, cooking and playing poker. He lives with his girlfriend, two children and Yorkshire-terrier in the west side of town. You can email Andri Thor directly at andri[@]

audur-2Auður Elísabet Jóhannsdóttir was born and raised in Reykjavik, but with the countryside in her blood, having spent all her childhood and teenage summers working on a farm and traveling with her family. She is designer and organizer by profession. She lived and studied in Italy for almost 6 years which fueled her love for good food, art, design and music. She has two masters degrees from Italy in Industrial and Interior design and is currently finishing her degree in Event Management. Needless to say, it was her love for organizing, planning and creating well designed magical experiences that got her working for Iceland Unlimited. You can email Auður directly at audur[@]

Guðný Brynhildur Birksdóttir was born in Húsavík, the Whale Watching capital of Iceland. She moved to Akureyri when she was sixteen with her best friend to continue with her studies in Akureyri Junior College specializing in Tourism and Languages. Her favorite place in Iceland is Ásbyrgi Canyon close to where her grandparents lived so she partly grew up there. She loves camping and traveling around Iceland and abroad. When she was growing up she traveled, hiked and went skiing all over Iceland but mostly in the North with her family and her younger brothers. In her free time she loves cooking, running and camping. She’s now working on her bachelor degree in Business Administration, specializing in Accounting from the University of Iceland. You can email Guðný directly at gudny[@]

gudrun-640x425Guðrún Halla Friðjónsdóttir was born in Reykjavík but raised in the Westfjords and Snæfellsnes peninsula. She moved to Reykjavík to continue with her studies at the age of 17. In her youth, she spent her summers driving around Iceland competing in soccer tournaments and in the winter volleyball. She now loves traveling to new destinations to experience the difference that lies with every culture. Not only has she a passion for traveling abroad but also to explore further her own country. Her favorite region in Iceland is definitely the remote Westfjords, for its complex landscape! Guðrún graduated with a diploma in tourism from Ferðamálaskólinn– Iceland school for tourism. You can email Guðrún Halla directly at gudrun[@]

Juliane is from Germany. She moved to Iceland permanently in 2014 after travelling here for more than 10 years. She is really in love with the varied landscapes of Iceland and all its natural wonders. Juliane is a hobby-photographer, likes to go on horseback and enjoys hiking. She is very happy to share all her Iceland experiences with you. You can email Juliane directly at juliane[@]


Guided-tours-Iceland-Unlimited (640x426) Kristján Helgi Benjamínsson is the tour guide of Iceland Unlimited. He began working in tourism in 2007 after getting his bus drivers permit. While driving and traveling all over Iceland he got interested in tour-guiding when seeing how much fun tour guides were having. Kristján is Jón’s brother and Jón soon recruited him to Iceland Unlimited when things started to take off.  As a very energetic and free spirit he soon wanted to explore the world beyond the horizon. Being a people person, Iceland tour guiding is right up his alley. Kristján is a graduate of  travel and tourism from Menntaskólinn í Kópavogi – Iceland school for tourism and guiding.  Kristján enjoys music and practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu. You can email Kristján directly at kristjan[@]

Team Iceland UnlimitedLisa Zacchia is from Italy and has a Master Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature with a specialization in Contemporary Art and Russian Literature. After completing her studies in her native country and Europe she moved to the United States where she started her career in the travel industry. After over 6 years overseas she needed a change and moved to Iceland for a one-year environmental project based in a picturesque and remote village in the South of the country. That year was 2013 and she’s been in Iceland since.  What made her stay is the ever-changing Icelandic nature, the endless summer nights and the impressive shows the Northern sky put up during wintertime. In her free time Lisa loves going to concerts, gardening and overall spending time outdoor. You can email Lisa directly at lisa[@]

Sotiria Prodromiti is from Greece and studied sociology and tourism in Greece and the Netherlands. She first visited Iceland in 2012 and instantly fell in love with the country! She loves traveling herself (around Iceland and abroad) but also loves assisting others with their holiday plans and creating great memories. Her favorite part of Iceland is Reykjavik, for it´s many colors and great atmosphere and the North part for the spectacular natural attractions. Other than traveling, she loves music and cooking for friends. You can email Sotiria directly at sotiria[@]


zeynepZeynep Sidal Snævarr is from Turkey and has been living in Iceland since 2011. She fell in love with Iceland as a kid and she believes that her destiny eventually led her here to Iceland. She lives with her husband and little daughter in Reykjavík. She has degrees in Tourism from University of Iceland and in German literature. She travels in Iceland in her spare time as well as she knits Icelandic sweaters, plays basketball and gets to know foreign languages and cultures. She is interested in human geography and Icelandic literature and culture; especially old folk tales and mythology. You can email Zeynep directly at zeynep[@]

Team Iceland UnlimitedMeet the General Manager of Iceland Unlimited, Alicja Wiktoria. Alicja has a Masters Degree in Renewable Energy Science from RES School in Akureyri, Iceland. Alicja has traveled all across Iceland and has good insights when it comes to creating interesting and efficient tours for our guests. She puts the feminine touch on the final versions of all our customized itineraries and puts us in our place if we’re getting goofy at the office. A kind and thoughtful person that loves rock climbing and the Icelandic outdoors in general and everything that has to do with renewable geothermal energy of course! You can email Alicja directly at alicja[@] Team Iceland UnlimitedThe Sales Director is Christina Degener. Christina is from Germany and has a Master degree in International Business from Berlin University. She first came to Iceland for a Leonardo internship in 2007 and worked for several years in the field of international marketing. Before she joined Iceland Unlimited, she was working as a whale watching guide for a Reykjavik based company. Christina’s hobbies include hiking and exploring new places in Iceland and improving her photographing skills! You can email Christina directly at: christina[@]