Agata ZubaTravel Specialist

    Agata is originally from Poland. Iceland was always one of her top three countries to visit. After graduating with her Master’s in 2016 she decided to move to the “Land of the Ice and Fire”, originally for a year, but soon she knew she was going to stay here for longer. Living with an Icelandic family during her first two years in Iceland helped her to understand the local culture and learn new skills like knitting traditional Icelandic sweaters “Lopapeysa”. One of the main reasons why Agata decided to stay in Iceland is the proximity to nature. She is trying to use her free time for outdoor adventures. She likes to explore new hidden spots in Iceland and she will be happy to share them with you. In the wintertime, she is turning into a knitting machine and she loves to give a new pair of warm wool socks to her family and friends. If you are interested in knitting culture in Iceland, don´t hesitate to contact her.


    Activity: Lambing season

    Place: Hellnar

    Restaurant: ROK Restaurant

    Loves ♥ Handball, good movies and knitting

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