AgataSenior Travel Expert

    Agata has always wanted to live somewhere in Northern Europe. In 2016 she visited Iceland for the first time and she completely fell in love. After finishing her major in Tourism in 2018 and writing her master thesis about traveling on a budget around Iceland, she immediately packed her suitcase to be finally able to call this island “home”. Iceland is an incredibly picturesque country so Agata’s able to cultivate some of her biggest passions, which are photography and hiking. She’s fond of both long and bright summers as well as cozy and dark winters. They provide completely different experiences and that’s what is beautiful about them. In the meantime she loves to run, ride her bicycle and do some yoga as well to listen to true-crime podcasts, and read psychology books. She’s also a master in being knowledgeable in thrift stores and restaurants with vegan options around Iceland, so feel free to e-mail her if you’ve got any questions!


    Activity: Hiking during summer months

    Place: Borgarfjörður eystri

    Restaurant: The Coocoo’s Nest

    Loves ♥ Being active and taking photos!

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