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Jón Gunnar Benjamínsson is the founder and owner of Iceland Unlimited. Working in Iceland tourism since 2005, Jón is an expert in his field and is dedicated in his passion for helping travelers getting the most out our their vacation in Iceland and beyond. Jón was born in Akureyri in north-east Iceland where he lived until 2001 when he moved to Denmark to pursue a degree in the culinary arts. Soon thereafter, he decided to embark on a different career.

After moving back to Iceland in 2003 he earned a degree in tourism and hospitality management. After getting his diploma he worked for a local Iceland tour operator as a guide and travel consultant. He soon found out that starting his own firm was the way to go. Jón is a paraplegic after a serious car accident in 2007 but after rehabilitation, he decided to pursue his dream of starting his own company, which he called Iceland Unlimited.
Jón is an avid fisherman, hunter and enjoys quad-biking and the outdoors of Iceland. He’s very proud of Team Iceland Unlimited


Activity: Flyfishing in pristine Icelandic rivers and lakes.

Place: Eyjafjord in North East Iceland (there‘s no place like home).

Restaurant: Any one where fresh seafood is served with a smile.

Loves ♥ His fiancé and daughter Kamilla Björg, family & friends.

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