Lisa is from Italy and has a Master Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature with a specialization in Contemporary Art and Russian Literature. After completing her studies in her native country and Europe she moved to the United States where she started her career in the travel industry. After over 6 years overseas she needed a change and moved to Iceland for a one-year environmental project based in a picturesque and remote village in the South of the country. That year was 2013 and she’s been in Iceland since.  What made her stay is the ever-changing Icelandic nature, the endless summer nights and the impressive shows the Northern sky put up during wintertime. In her free time, Lisa loves going to concerts, gardening, hiking and overall spending time outdoor.
Lisa became CEO of Iceland Unlimited on the 1st of march 2024 in her 7th year with Iceland Unlimited.


Activity: Inside the Volcano & RIB Boat whale-watching

Place: Hvalfjörður

Restaurant: Apótek Restaurant in Reykjavík

Loves ♥ Plants, live music and the outdoors

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