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Things to Do in Iceland

The ever changing play of light; the visible creation of earth in striking contrasts of ice and fire; the symphony of colors. Can you imagine a country that combines all this? Iceland offers endless things to do and see. It would be our pleasure helping you to organize and unforgetable time in this amazing country.

There’s no doubt about it, Iceland is good to tourists. No matter what sparks your interest, you will probably find it here. With it’s 64.000 square miles of strange, almost other worldly mixture of rough lava fields, lush green valleys, volcanic black sandy beaches and glittering glaciers, Iceland is a bliss for the nature loving hiker and travelers that visit this unspoiled gem. We here at Iceland Unlimited, are proud to offer our guests a taste of Iceland through our self-drive packages or guided group tours. We also offer privately guided tours and small group and incentive trips to Iceland.

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Things to do in Iceland – the Perfect Mix of Nature and City Life

For the gourmet food lovers, Reykjavik features award winning top restaurants. The cuisine is ranging from new nordic to fusion, with everything in between. Our restaurants have received accolades such as the Nordic Prize and have been named to Condé Nast Traveler Hot Tables and Food & Wine Magazine’s Go List.

Reykjavik also is a cosmopolitan oasis in the Northern Atlantic Ocean offering world class shopping, museums and art galleries. Local designers that turn black lava stones into precious jewelry and design couture accessories from cod skin and reindeer horns are very well visible when strolling down the old and charming Laugavegur shopping street.

Things to do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland – Viking History, Outdoor Activities, Adventure

For history buffs and admirers of folklore, Iceland offers exciting tales of its past of Viking tales in the old Icelandic Sagas, Norse mythology, tales of the Hidden People and mischievous trolls lurking in the shadows of the lava fields.

Even the vast array of outdoor activities in Iceland provide opportunities for everyone, from the people happy to view nature from the comfort of a vehicle to the extreme adventure sports enthusiasts. The more adventurous that wish to get the adrenaline pumping, we offer ice climbing, fissure diving, snowmobiling, ATV touring or even heli-skiing down Snæfellsjökull Glacier, Iceland is all yours.

What Iceland Unlimited can do for you

Iceland Unlimited is all about variety. We are the only fully licensed travel agency in Iceland that offers our tours to all, including high quality, accessible travel solutions to all travelers visiting Iceland, disabled and non-disabled alike. Our specialties include:

Highly customizable self-drive tours both in summer and also in winter
Guided group tour packages in summer and also in winter
Privately guided tours
Small group and incentive trips
Accessible tour packages
We also offer a variety of different day tours

Icelandic nature is a fantastic world, a banquet of light and color, the home of beauty. It is our great fortune to be sitting in the center of this stage and be able to share these glories with you. It’s about living life and enjoying all that it has to offer us.

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