Accessible Iceland Travel Stories

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Accessible Iceland Travel Stories

Iceland Unlimited is the only travel agency in Iceland specialized in accessible tours. In the last years we organized many tours for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues. We want to make Iceland accessible for everybody and we do our very best to find for each individual person the best possible accessible tour in Iceland. On this page we want to share with you some travel stories from our guests.



Accessible Group Tour in July 2018

We had a very nice group tour in July and the participants enjoyed the amazing Icelandic nature with our guide Siggi. The pictures were taken at the Krysuvik/Seltun geothermal area on Reykjanes peninsula. Read more about our group tours here: Iceland accessible group tour

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Wheelchair Friendly Self-Drive Tour with Focus on Nature and Art

Ruth and Wolfgang went on a self-drive round tour with us in June 2017. They did not only enjoy the amazing nature of Iceland but also visited a few interesting museums all around the country. Wolfgang is an artist from Austria. If you are interested to learn more about his work, we recommend having a look at his website.

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Iceland Self-Drive Round Trip in 21 Days plus Trip to Greenland

Erin and Jonathan shared with us some photos from their Iceland self-drive tour in July 2015. They did a round trip in 21 days and had plenty of time to explore the highlights of Iceland. On the pictures you see the huge geothermal area in Námafjall close to Myvatn and Erin in front of the waterfall Goðafoss.

They also went on a whale watching in Husavík (picture 3). The boats are not 100 percent accessible but with a little help of the crew (almost) everything is possible. Picture 4 was taken in front of the visitor center “Iceland erupts”. There you can learn more about the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in 2010.

After their Iceland adventure, they flew for 3 days to Greenland and explored Ilulissat icefjords with its huge icebergs.

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Privately Guided Iceland Round Trip in July

We received those photos from Amy who went on a privately guided round tour in July 2015. The tour took place in an accessible minibus and they visited the Golden Circle, Vík with its famous black sand beaches, the geothermal active area Myvatn, and more.

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Accessible Round Tour with the Westfjords Included (August, 2016)

Those pictures from John are the best proof that not only the South of Iceland is wheelchair accessible (the left picture shows the Skogafoss waterfall) but that it is also possible to visit the remote Westfjords  (on the right picture you see Dettifoss waterfall). John went on an accessible version of our full circle self drive tour in August 2016. This is a challenging tour but active wheelchair travellers can definitely manage it (with the help of a fellow traveller).

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Winter Stopover with Helicopter Flight and Super Jeep Fun

George from UK came to Iceland for a long weekend in winter and as you can see on the pictures he had a lot of fun visiting Þingvellir in snow, going on a helicopter tour and joining an exciting super jeep tour. George rented a manual wheelchair from us and with the help of his friend he was able to be on top of Langjökull, the second largest glacier in Iceland.


Accessible Reykjavik for 5 Days in June

Rachel went on our privately guided tour in June 2016 and sent us this wonderful photo from Þingvellir




Accessible Self-drive tour in August for 9 Days

Sebastian from Germany went with his partner on an accessible self-drive tour in August 2015. They visited the highlights of the South of Iceland in 9 days. As you can see on the pictures they saw so many natural highlights. It also seems they were very lucky with the weather. 🙂 On the photos you see Gullfoss waterfall, Skaftafell National park with the big glacier in the background, the geysir area, Seljalandsfoss, Urriðafoss and the impressive canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur.

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Pippa´s Wish – Special Family Trip to Iceland

Pippa had a wish to go to Iceland. With the help of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós and an online fundraiser her wish became true in November 2014. The team of Iceland Unlimited feels honored that they allowed us to be a small part of their adventure. Our chief guide Kristján showed them the highlights of the famous Golden Circle on a private day tour and we also invited them for some cake in our office. Read more about their adventure here.

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Guided Family Tour to the South Coast in Summer

The Vishneski Family visited Iceland in August. They went on a private guided tour to the South of Iceland with our guide Kristján. As you can see on the pictures they had a lot of fun on our small island in the North Atlantic. On our tripadvisor page they wrote the following about their tour: „We had a wonderful time, seeing beautiful waterfalls, lava fields, driving out on the Vatnajokull glacier, and simmering in the Blue Lagoon. We also had some free days in Reykjavik to shop and just walk around“.

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Accessible Golden Circle Tour for Cruise Ship Passengers

Pam from the UK visited Iceland with her friend by a cruise ship. Our guide Kristján picked the two ladies up from the cruise ship dock in Reykjavik and they went on an accessible golden circle day tour. In order to make it more comfortable for Pam the tour took place in an accessible minibus where she could stay during the whole tour in her wheelchair. One of the highlights of the day was definitely the geothermal field in Haukadalur with the very active geyser “Strokkur” that erupts every 5 to 7 minutes.

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Accessible Self-Drive Tour around Iceland for Three Weeks

Rolf from Switzerland went with his partner in July on a three weeks self-drive tour around Iceland. With a small power unit for his wheelchair he was able to visit also more remote places in Iceland such as the Westfjords or the volcano Askja on a guided super jeep tour. Iceland Unlimited organized in almost every area a two nights stay which gave them the possibility to explore also more remote and lesser known places. During the tour they joined a whale watching tour from Husavík, visited the volcano Askja in the highlands of Iceland with a private guide and joined a helicopter tour from Reykjavik.

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Accessible Iceland on a Private Guided Tour in December

Melissa from the United States went with her family on an accessible private guided tour in December. Our chief guide Kristján visited with them the famous Golden Circle, the South coast with the beautiful waterfall Skogafoss (photo) and Reykjanes peninsula with the Blue Lagoon. They experienced Iceland with snow and ice and enjoyed the cozy Christmas decorations in Reykjavik.

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