Iceland Accessible Day Tour Reykjanes & Blue Lagoon

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Iceland Accessible Day Tour Reykjanes & Blue Lagoon

Reykjanes Peninsula is just half an hour from Reykjavik and offers some amazing landscape and natural wonders. It is an area of lava, volcanoes and strong geothermal activity. This is where the continents meet and where you can experience Iceland’s volcanic activities. 

Most people seem to overlook the Reykjanes Peninsula when planning their Iceland trip. So this accessible day tour is designed for travelers who are interested to see some lesser known areas of Iceland. It is also suitable for cruise ship passengers who stay only for a few hours in Reykjavik.

AT-02 Iceland Accessible Day Tour with visit of Reykjanes and the Blue Lagoon

Tour Description Iceland Accessible Day Tour – Reykjanes:

During this accessible private guided tour you visit Reykjanes peninsula, an active geothermal area and a diamond in the rough. On a clear day you will see the volcano mountain Keilir from the distance. Scientists believe Mount Keilir is actually the plug of a large crater. First highlight for today is Seltún (Krýsuvík) you will find boiling mud pools and colorful mountains.

iceland accessible toursContinuing the tour, you drive to the Gunnuhver geothermal area. There you can see the hot spring and boiling water as well as get an impression of the surroundings. Gunnuhver has enlarged in recent years and is therefore also a good proof of the volcanic activities on the Reykjanes peninsula. What might have an added value to the excitement of visiting Gunnuhver is that it got its name from a female ghost causing disturbances to the area until she was finally trapped by a priest and fell into the spring.

The next highlight of the tour is the bridge between continents. You have the chance to see one of the world’s major tectonic plate boundaries. Cross the small Accessible Icelandbridge which was built as a symbol of the connection between Europe and North America. This plate boundary lies across Iceland and is the reason why Iceland has a high concentration of active volcanoes. The latest volcanic eruption on Reykjanes was in the 13. century. You will see many old lava fields covered with moss during your Iceland accessible day tour.

Accessible Iceland Tour with Stop at the Blue Lagoon

On your way back to Reykjavik you can visit the famous blue lagoon to relax in the milky blue water (optional). Accessible travel IcelandThe Blue Lagoon is easily accessible to everyone, containing special changing rooms and a special wheelchair to enter the lagoon itself. The deepest part of Blue Lagoon is around 1.60m/5.2ft ft but most parts of the lagoon are far shallower. If you are no interested to bathe in the blue lagoon, your guide can make a short photo stop to show you the special color of the water and the geothermal power plant right next to it.


Book your Iceland Accessible Reykjanes Tour:

Please contact us to book this tour and include the tour code (AT-02), date, total number and age of passengers and pickup location in your request. If you stay only for a few hours in Iceland we can also create a shorter tour to Reykjanes for you. Pick up from the International Airport in Keflavik or the cruise ship dock in Reykjavik is available.

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