Iceland for everyone

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Iceland for everyone

Iceland Unlimited- Making Iceland accessible destination for disable travelers 

Iceland might not be the first country that springs to mind as a destination for disabled travelers or for a wheelchair holiday. It is rather rugged cities and towns surrounded by the starkly beautiful but rough landscape are to blame. Iceland Unlimited is out to change the way disabled travelers see Iceland and aims to provide better access to this banquet of natural splendor that Iceland truly is. We will do so by offering rental cars with hand controls, something that has not been available from Icelandic Car Rentals until now, by offering well organized group tours and ATV (Quad bike) tours of the highland plateau of Iceland for those who are more adventurous. We have also taken great care when choosing hotels and restaurants whom we want to work with in regards to them being accessible and friendly towards disabled travelers.

All our tours can be customized for each individual or group, adding a day here and an activity there. Nothing is impossible because if there is a will there is a way.

Polaris Eruption Inspired

Jon Gunnar owner of Iceland Unlimited