About us

Welcome  to Iceland Unlimited – A friendly tour operator in Iceland!

Iceland Unlimited  is a fiercely independent tour operator in Iceland. We specialize in tailor made self drive holidays and guided private tours in Iceland and Greenland. Our aim is to meet and exceed our customers expectations in every way we can and to offer a wide selection of tours available the whole year round. Whether you’re looking for a self drive tour of Iceland, a guided group tour or private tour,  family vacation, seasonal holiday, stag/hen party, Reykjavik City Break or a customized luxury tour of Iceland, we’re here to help you.
Iceland Unlimited is a family run business with locations in Reykjavík and Akureyri. It was founded by Jón Gunnar Benjamínsson, a former guide and travel agent who in 2007 suffered a spinal chord injury in a car accident that nearly ended his life.

After rehabilitation and after evaluating the choices  he was facing in life,  he chose to continue working in the tourism industry as he had previously done but at a different pace and with a different focus.  Instead of striving to be the biggest volume travel agency in Iceland, he decided to focus on giving his customers the personal service and care that people should get when traveling to an exotic destination such as Iceland.  This personal, independent service has been very well received by those who chose Iceland Unlimited as their travel agency and tour operator in Iceland.

We hope that you will find this site easy and accessible to navigate.  We offer various tours in each travel category, however, we always offer the option to customize our tour packages to fit with your schedule.  It is our experience that this  is a good way to design your dream vacation in Iceland, to fit in everything you want within your budget and time restraints.  We don’t have the word “NO” in our vocabulary when it comes to tour design, there are solutions for everyone and every occasion.

We strive to be a friendly and professional tour operator in Iceland and Greenland and to offer a wide selection of self-drive vacations, fully guided luxury holidays, Reykjavík city breaks, hunting and fishing tours, family holidays and guided day tours in both luxury SUV’s and modified super-jeeps. We also offer guided bus tours for all budgets.  We are also well experienced with offering amazing ATV adventure tours through the highlands of Iceland.

As a disabled person,  Jon Gunnar understands the needs and requirements for people who are in this position and want to travel and enjoy life like every other non-disabled person does. This gives him a unique position to design tours for disabled and enabled travelers alike. Iceland Unlimited will never organize or sell any tour for disabled travelers that has not been personally approved and tested for full accessibility.

We would like to welcome you to our beautiful island and assure you that by choosing to travel with Iceland Unlimited you are in safe and capable hands of professional and personal people that take the job of handling with your free time very seriously.

Environmental Policy of Iceland Unlimited
We at Iceland Unlimited understand that all businesses effect the environment in various different ways. Our business is no exception. We take great care in trying to minimize these effects with doing sensible shopping for office supplies, treating natural resources with respect and in a sustainable way, recycle office waste as much as possible and dispose of other waste in a responsible way.

Iceland Unlimited pledges the following:

  • To train our staff and make our customers aware of our environmental policy and provide useful information on how they can contribute and participate in the protection of the environment during their tours with us.
  • Provide our partners with useful information regarding our environmental policy and how they can contribute to protect the environment
  • Continue to develop and improve our environmental policy and seek guidance and assistance on how to reach our goals
  • Provide our guests with information of how our environmental policies and contributions benefit our area of operations
  • To work with local/native partners as much as possible
  • Take the following into consideration regarding the operations of the company:
    • Avoid/minimize the pollution of land, water and air.
    • Avoid the destruction of natural exhaustable resources
    • Avoid the destruction of habitats

 Iceland Unlimited operates under license from the Iceland Tourist Board.