Almost every visitor in Ilulissat chooses to try this boat trip among the icebergs at least once. During one year, more than 48 km3 of ice flows into the fiord. The result is gigantic icebergs, which can be more than 100 meters on each side and with a height on more than 100 meters above the water surface. These giants strand at the end of the fiord, and that gives us the opportunity to sail among them.

The icebergs are beautiful in every kind of weather; in the sunshine the contrasts are very clear, the blue shades are seen best when it is cloudy and the midnight sun casts a unique glow on the icebergs during the night.

Midnight sun in Ilulissat lasts from May 21st to July 24th. The midnight/evening sun gives the icebergs a unique play of colors that people return to experience again and again. Sailing during the night with the sun still shining is a fantastic and unusual experience; you do not want to be without, while visiting Ilulissat.

Ilulissat Greenland - Photo by Camilla Hylleberg - Visit Greenland

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