Klaksvík is the second-largest town in the Faroe Islands with a population of 4,800 inhabitants. Klaksvík is the fishing capital of the Faroes, and the fishing industry sets its notable mark on the town. Down by the quay, you can experience the atmosphere of the small open-deck boats that set out to sea. Klaksvík is also known for its vibrant music scene, so keep an eye out for a concert when you visit the town. Everywhere you go in Klaksvík, you will see the magnificent church, Christianskirkjan. Built in 1963, it is an architectural marvel. Down by the sea you will find a fine example of modern architecture, Betesda, the new home of the local Brethren congregation, which opened in 2014. It was financed by the local members and stands as a symbol of the strength of the local community.

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