Sandoy can be also called „the different island“. The hillsides seem greener and the mountains do not climb as high as they do in the rest of the Faroe Islands. Located only 20 minutes with ferry south of Streymoy, Sandoy is easily visited and well worth the trip. A large and beautiful sandy beach defines the village of Sandur, named after the beach. The big sand dunes are the perfect spot for an evening picnic after a good hike or fishing trip around the island. In the village, the art gallery is one of the main attractions. The ferry ride to reach the island takes only 30 minutes and as soon as you disembark you will be amazed by the tranquility and dramatic beauty of your surroundings. Drive through the  landscapes on the uninhabited Soltuvik Cove where the sights  are breathtaking and timeless.  Its isolation, peace and rough nature are the main appeals of this beautiful island.

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