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Faroe Islands Tour – Self Drive Getaway for 5 Days

This Faroe Islands tour allows you to grasp the beauty of this untouched and magical land. Only 1 hour and 20 minutes flight from Iceland, Faroe Islands have a distinctive character that will immediately make you feel like you landed in a place where time has stopped and where nature is the predominant performer. This tour gives you the chance to explore most of the Faroese Highlights in 5 days.

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Please note that this itinerary can be adjusted and customized to meet your travel needs and preferences. The package can also be offered as a privately guided tour if a self-drive option is not what you had in mind for your Iceland experience.

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All Year

Travel Style



5 Days / 4 Nights


The Faroe Islands




  • 4 nights quality accommodation with breakfast included
  • Rental car of your choice for 5 days with unlimited mileage, CDW & VAT
  • WiFi hotspot in your rental car for easy internet access
  • 1 extra driver for each rental car
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Taxes & service fee

Not Included

  • Flights to/from Iceland
  • Meals & drinks at restaurants and entrance fees (unless otherwise agreed upon)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Gasoline
Day 1 | Arrival in the Faroe Islands and Exploration of Vagar Region

Your Faroe Islands tour begins by landing in Vágar airport, early in the afternoon. After picking up your rental car, you will explore the wonderful Vágar region. One of the highlights of this area is Gásadalur, a stunning village surrounded by the highest mountains on Vágar. The drive to Gásadalur is particularly scenic: an undiscovered place, yet full of magnetic allure. In the area, you will also find Múlafossur, one of the most iconic waterfalls worldwide.  The stream plunges from the edge of a cliff into the ocean, offering mesmerizing views. Gásadalur is a “must see” because of its unspoiled nature and tranquillity. After this day of exploration and nature, you will spend the night in a hotel or guesthouse in Vágar region.

Day start in

Day end in

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Day 2 | Vestmanna, Eysturoy, Risin and Kellingin, Legends and Wilderness

Today you will join a boat tour from Vestmanna harbor. If you are visiting the Faroe Islands in Spring or Summer, there is no sight as fantastic as that of the bird cliffs seen from the sea. With a safety helmet, you will sail close to the steep rocks and admire hundreds of seabirds taking off. The region of Streymoy offers outstanding vistas. We recommend stopping in Kvivík and its Viking houses, situated on both sides of the river Stórá.  You will then proceed North along the fjords until Hvalvík, home to the Faroese oldest wooden church. After this stop, drive onwards along the „buttercup“ road to Saksun, one of the most remarkable sites in the Faroe Islands.

A short drive through a tunnel connects the island of Streymoy to the eastern Eysturoy, your next destination for the day. Eysturoy offers countless wow-locations and Instagram-worthy spots. In the afternoon you will visit Gjógv, the charming northernmost village on the island, which counts less than 50 inhabitants. Not far stands the famous „Risin and Kellingin“ two legendary sea stacks whose story famously connects Iceland with the Faroe Islands.

Day 3 | Visit Tórshavn, the capital of Faroe Islands

Today you will visit Tórshavnthe capital of the Faroe Islands. This day offers a perfect combination of vibrant city life and nature exploration. You will first drive south of Tórshavn and explore the area of Kirkjubøur, the southernmost village of the Streymoy region. This is a great addition to your Faroe Islands tour. Kirkjubøur is one of the most significant historical sites in the Faroe Islands having been its ecclesiastical center during the Middle Ages. The imposing ruin of Saint Magnus Cathedral still dominates the site. Here you can also visit the 900-year-old farmhouse/museum and the Ólavskirkja. The views from this small village are breathtaking.

You will now head to the capital. We recommend a walk in the Old Town of Tórshavn, consisting of Reyn and Undir Ryggi, and home to dozens small, black-tarred wooden houses with grass roofs. People still call these 14th century houses their homes today. Another highlight is the harborfront Vágsbotnur with old warehouses, cafés, and restaurants. Alongside the old wooden boats, you will find internationally acclaimed Faroese design labels.

Day 4 | Day tour to Sandoy

Today you will drive to the harbor for a day-tour to Sandoy island. This is the flattest of the Faroes Islands, featuring sandy beaches and idyllic villages. The ferry takes 30 minutes and as soon as you disembark you will be amazed by the beauty of the surroundings. Drive to the uninhabited Soltuvik Cove where the sights are breathtaking. Up next is Sandur, a lush village and the only sand dunes in the Faroes, featuring also the folk museum. Following the road to the eastern towns, you will find a side path leading to Skarvanes and accessing to magnificent views over Skúvoy and the two Dímun islands.

Drive along the main road until it divides. One fork leads to Skálavík, the other to Húsavík. Skálavík sits in a valley and from here you can go north to Núpsdalur and Dysjarnar.  From Húsavík, where you can still see the medieval ruins of the farm belonged to the Dame of Húsavík, the road leads to the village of Dalur offering fine vistas over the two “diamonds”, Stóra Dímun and Lítla Dímun; almost inaccessible islands. This is a truly unforgettable adventure.

In the afternoon you will return by ferry to Tórshavn. ** It is also possible to stay overnight on the island of Sandoy for a unique experience.

Day 5 | Departure

Unfortunately this is the last day of your 5-day Faroe Islands Tour. It is time to end your trip and drive to Vágar airport for your early afternoon flight.


Volkswagen Golf

or similiar

Type: Compact
Passenger: 5
Luggage: 2
Doors: 5
Transmission: Automatic
(Manual option available)

Kia Ceed Wagon

or similiar

Type: Intermediate Wagon
Passenger: 5
Luggage: 4
Doors: 5
Transmission: Automatic
(Manual option available)

4×4 Kia Sportage

or similiar

Type: SUV Full Size Intermediate
Passenger: 5
Luggage: 4
Doors: 5
Transmission: Automatic
(Manual option available)


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